Never date the guy who……lies about their age

age pic

What guy lies about their age? I always thought it was only women that do, heck I am sure I have once or twice in the past. I actually met a guy who did and I could not believe it; because WHAT GUY DOES THAT? I have been told that on online dating women lie about their weight and their age; men lie about their height and how much money they make. So I have to ask again, what guy lies about their age?

I met this group of people in my neighborhood and started hanging out with them all the time. The people in the group were mostly guys; they liked to go out and do my favorite thing, drink! They were fun and we would go out to happy hour just about every day of the week. I must say, this was probably one of the drunkest and social years of my life. One of the guys in the group’s name was Christian, boy was he cute. He was tall, tan and worked out all the time. I thought he was so cute and I was one of the guys amongst this group of guys going out drinking.

Of course he and I were attracted to each other and after a couple of group outings he and I started hanging out one on one. He knew that I was going out with his friends and developing friendships with his buddies. This is why I don’t understand why he would tell me false tales when I already knew the truth.  I knew how old he was, he happened to be the oldest amongst the group. I had asked his friends how old Christian was one night when he wasn’t around; he was five years older than me. When Christian and I would get together I never asked about his age because I already knew, that’s how come I was shocked one night I was over at his place that he made a comment about my age…

Christian had invited me over one night for dinner and a movie AKA: Netflix and chill. We were sitting on his couch and I started talking about as I get older how much harder it is to keep a flat stomach. As much as I would work out, it never seems to be as flat as it was when I was twenty. He asked how old I was and I told him I was about to be thirty-eight and then he remarked with this doozy, “Well you are no spring chicken anymore.” I would have had more expression in my forehead if it wasn’t so full of botox after that comment. Inside all I kept thinking was, this guy is older than me and he is telling me I am no spring chicken? I asked him, “Well, how old are you?” And he sat there and told me with a straight face that he was going to be thirty-six on his next birthday. I so wanted to ask to see his ID, but I did not have the balls to ask. I am sure he would have just come up with another lie.

That night while we were hanging out not only did he lie about age, he lied to me about how much money he made and owning the condo that he was renting. I guess the guy could not put two and two together and figure out that I knew the truth. His friends told me what a great deal he got on the rent at his place prior to him even moving into it. I guess he forgot that I was part of the group and knew the truth. What a stupid guy he was, and I guess I was pretty stupid for even hanging out with a guy who was that dumb.

The next day I messaged his friends to double check Christian’s age, they all replied with the answer I already knew. I told them that he actually told me he was thirty-five, they all had a good laugh. Christian became the butt of our jokes when I was out drinking with his buddies. Then one day we were all out at the bar and his friend Mike was there, this guy had the best comments when he was drunk. Mike asked Christian to see his ID, he wanted to check his age. I just about died! I could not believe what he just said. Of course, Christian just brushed it off and gave Mike the squinty eye look and said shut up.

I never hung out with Christian again, I could not deal with lies that he was trying to feed me. I really just wanted to tell him that he should own up to his real age because he looked great for forty-two, but he looked like shit for thirty-five (if that was the age he was claiming).


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