Where is he?  This is the question I have been asking myself for the last twenty years. Just like that Sex and the City episode when Charlotte said, – “I’ve been dating since I was 15. I’m exhausted.  Where is he?” That question is in the back of my head after every guy that I have gone out with.  One would think that when you go out on a million dates that you could at least find one.  Just one!  That’s all I ask, all I need is one good guy.  And that is the hardest part of my journey – to find the right person.

This is the story of a girl who had her hopes so high and limitless boyfriends to ending up being forty years old with no hope of marriage (maybe that isn’t so bad) and still single.

When I was a teenager I had my whole life ahead to find “the one”, or at least that is what they told me. The guys in high school were stupid and a waste of time. I figured college was where I was going to meet Prince Charming who was going to sweep me off my feet, yeah right! A girl can dream, right?

I went off to college to get an education and most importantly to find my man. It was my freshman year; I put so much effort into my wardrobe and looking perfect. I wanted to make that impression on whoever was going to be in my class that semester.  I was young, cute, a body that would kill and most importantly I had determination. I knew what to wear and how to get attention without looking like I was trying. Walk into the classroom wearing a tight little tank top and short shorts and find the cutest guy in the class and go sit next to him. That was my plan. It must have worked because I always ended making friends with the guys I wanted to meet. More times than not the guys ended up being jerks with big egos, which was a waste of my time.

I spent my time in college dating different guys, partying on the weekends and studying a little.  I was always meeting new guys every time my friends and I went out. Maybe having so much variety in my life made me not focus on meeting a good guy.  I cared more about going out and having a good time and I am sure that I overlooked the nice guys along the way.

Now twenty years have come and gone. I have watched my best friends get married and start a family, while I am still single in the city. After all the relationships I have been in and all the terrible dates I have been on, I thought I would put them on paper.  At the time I was going through these events, it wasn’t funny. But looking back, it makes me laugh and makes for a good story.  I hope you find them funny too and maybe you have been through the same thing, too.

**All of the stories are true, just the names have been changed to protect the men I’ve dated.